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Privacy Policy

This page is to inform visitors about the data collected, used, revealed of personal information of all Wansah grocery app visitors.

Accordingly, if you are a visitor, we advise you to kindly read the privacy policy mentioned below. Once you use the Wansah grocery app, you agree to all the privacy policies of this app.

  • 1. Data collection and use
  • We seriously take your personal information; we treat and store your data with the same care we assumed for our own information we store, too.
  • Wansah may collect this information about you: First and last name, contact information including phone number, email address, and alternate one, postal code, demographic profile, in addition to information related to your activity on Wansah site like the pages you visit, links you click and saved, the time you spent on the site/specific page.
  • We collect your information passively through standard technologies including browser cookies, logs servers, and transparent images. We never share your information with third parties; however, once your data is collected via the standard technologies is automatically shared with Google Analytics, and we do not have control over their actions. Meanwhile, you may opt out of Google Analytics by following the instruction in this link: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.
  • 2. How we use your information
  • We use your information to know more about your interests, so accordingly, we provide promotional offers through Wansah and other channels that may grab your attraction and pour into your own good. Another thing is to prevent fraudulent use of your information that may use our services or other systems, to track our dealings with you, provide the services and information you request.
  • 3. To whom your information will be shared
  • We do not use, rent, or sell your information for any purpose other than your sake. And, we do not intentionally share it with any third party unless you agree and give permission by using the web cookies. The only cases we purposely share information is when it helps investigations, prevents any unlawful or illegal action taken towards your account in regards to suspected fraud, or any potential threat to your or any person’s safety or the security of the site.
  • 4. How we protect your information
  • We use multiple security procedures to protect your information from any unexpected loss and fraud. These procedures include tracking the systems logs, off-site backups, data encryption, and security software. By contract, we cannot guarantee that any of these actions are completely able to save your data. We do our best, but still, you choose to use our service and share your data at your risk.
  • 5. Information correction
  • Once you wanted to change your information for any purpose, please contact the support team at this email:
  • 6. Policy Updates
  • Wansah has the right to change its privacy policy at any time when its managers and experts see the necessity to.